Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is Bottled Water Healthier And Safer Than Tap Water?

Is bottled water more healthy and safer than tap water?
Essentially the same standards exist for tap water and bottled water, although tap water is generally more rigorously regulated than bottled water. Over 1/3 of bottled water comes from tap water. "Purified" water may come from the tap and may be bottled as such or further filtered or distilled. Spring water must be obtained from free-flowing springs and obtained at the source of the spring. Bottled water is a convenience that fits lifestyle and meets our needs. Bottle water must meet the same standards as tap water, but is not necessarily "cleaner or greener". Bottled water is water intended for human consumption that is sealed in bottles or containers with no added ingredients except a safe suitable antimicrobial (usually ozone gas). The ozone gas improves the taste over chlorinated water. Most bottles water does not contain fluoride, while municipal tap water contains fluoride in many communities. Clean drinking water has been a major factor in the water we consume. In general, most bottles water that is tested is of good quality. Unfortunately, the marketing message from the bottled water industry is that bottled water is "good" as opposed to the "bad" stuff that comes out of the tap. This is not accurate. One other the primary differences between tap water and bottled water is the taste associated with chlorine, which is added to tap water, while ozone, which is volatile, is used in bottled water and does not impart a taste.

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