Friday, May 29, 2009

Tips For Staying In Shape While Traveling

Tips for staying in shape while traveling:

If you are visiting family:

  1. Take advantage of local trails or tracts, most local high schools allow the use of their tracts.

  2. Plan a morning walk to a local farmers market ( , or to a local shop.

  3. Spend time with family and friends by going for a walk around the park or neighborhood.

  4. Help out around the house by pitching in with cleaning, gardening, mowing, etc.

Check out the city you are visiting:

  1. Visit area exercise classes close to your destination, many will let you try the class for free, you can go to the city you are visiting website for local classes.

  2. Take a guided walking tour to get your exercise and get to know the city better.

  3. Challenge your travel companion to a pedometer contest. Whoever racks up the most steps gets treated to a healthy dinner or some sort of pampering the next day.

  4. Plan your trip so that you are visiting a particular city when there is a 5K walk or run, check out for information.

If you are planning a road trip:

  1. Rent or bring your own bike, find local riding trails at

  2. Plan hikes along the way, a good way to stretch after riding long distances, check out or

  3. Look for places to swim, most hotels have a nice pool (to make sure, check out ), local YMCA's, or if you prefer the outdoors check out .

If your headed for a beach:

  1. Park your car and walk back and forth to the beach.

  2. Bring toys to play with, like Frisbees, balls, and seaside games, shovels and buckets for playing in the sand and picking up shells.

  3. Rent or bring equipment for snorkeling, kayaking, or sailing. (Many shops offer lessons)

  4. Walking or running in wet sand burns extra calories.

Enjoy your vacation, stay fit, and be safe!

Blessings for a Glorious Day!

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