Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Food Provide Magnesium?

What foods provide magnesium?

Green vegetables such as spinach are good sources of magnesium because the center of the chlorophyll molecule (which gives green vegetables their color) contains magnesium. Some legumes (beans & peas), nuts & seeds, and whole unrefined grains are also good sources of magnesium. Refined grains are generally low in magnesium. When white flour is refined and processed, the magnesium-rich germ and bran are removed. Bread made from whole grain wheat flour provides more magnesium than bread made from white refined flour. Tap water can be a source of magnesium, but the amount varies according to the water supply. Water that naturally contains more minerals is described as "hard" water. "Hard" water contains more magnesium than "soft" water.

Eating a wide variety of legumes, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables will help meet your daily dietary need for magnesium. Here are some food sources for magnesium:
  • Halibut, 3 ounces cooked provides 90mg magnesium
  • Almonds, 1 ounce dry roasted provides 80mg magnesium
  • Cashews, 1 ounce dry roasted provides 75mg magnesium
  • Soybeans, cooked, mature, provides 75mg magnesium
  • Spinach, frozen, cooked, provides 75mg magnesium
  • Nuts, mixed, dry roasted 1 ounce provides 65mg magnesium
  • Cereal, shredded wheat, 2 rectangular biscuits provides 55mg magnesium
  • Oatmeal, instant, fortified, prepared w/water 1 cup provides 55mg magnesium
  • Potato, baked w/skin, 1 medium provides 50mg magnesium
  • Peanuts, dry roasted 1 ounce provides 50mg magnesium
  • Peanut butter, smooth, 2 tablespoons provides 50mg magnesium
  • Wheat bran, crude, 2 tablespoons provides 45mg magnesium
  • Blackeyed peas, cooked, provides 45mg magnesium
  • Yogurt, plain, skim milk, 8 ounces provides 45mg magnesium
  • Bran flakes provides 40mg magnesium
  • Vegetarian baked beans, provides 40mg magnesium
  • Brown long grain rice, cooked provides 40mg magnesium
  • Lentils, mature seeds, cooked provides 35mg magnesium
  • Wheat germ, crude, 2 tablespoons provides 35mg magnesium
  • Chocolate milk, 1 cup provides 33mg magnesium
  • Banana, raw, 1 medium provides 30mg magnesium
  • Whole wheat bread, 1 slice provides 25mg magnesium
  • Raisins, seedless provides 25mg magnesium
  • Whole milk, 1 cup provides 24mg magnesium

The recommended Daily Value for magnesium is 400mg , check your food labels to see how much magnesium you're getting.

Next what happens when you don't get enough magnesium or if you get too much magnesium (part 3).

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