Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ways to Control Your Portions

It's a fact that the typical American diet consists of portion sizes that are way too big. Here are some tips for cutting back and not feeling deprived.
These tips are easy to follow whether eating at home or dining out:
  • Put one serving of food on your plate before sitting down at the table instead of serving family-style. Immediately refrigerate or freeze the extras.
  • Cook smaller amounts if you don't like leftovers.
  • Put your snack foods in a small bowl or snack size bag. Limit yourself to this amount as opposed to eating out of the large bag or box.
  • Use smaller plates, you are still seeing a plate full of food which helps you to not feel like your are cutting back. If you see a full plate, you'll feel a full stomach.
  • Don't get overly hungry. Eat at regular times. It is recommended to eat smaller meals 4-5 times a day instead of 3 larger meals. It's like putting firewood on a fire, putting smaller amounts of food in your body more frequently fuels your metabolism and helps to speed up the weight loss.
  • When eating out, use the guide to smaller portions. Have the rest placed in a doggie bag for another meal.
  • Fill up on low-calorie beverage, soup or salad before the main course.
  • Limit your or eliminate bread or chips before your meal.

Just remember that the number of calories you consume will affect your weight and your health. Eating a variety of nutritious foods in sensible portion sizes will help you reach and maintain a healthy wealth.

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