Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

5 Ways to boost your metabolism.

Firing up your engine to burn excess fat once and for all with these surefire metabolism boosters

  1. Drink more water - When researchers measured people's metabolic rates before and after drinking about 16 ounces of water they found a rise in calorie burning capability. The water had a lasting effect also, even after 30 minutes, those who drank water were using 30% more calories than those who stayed dry.

  2. Eat, then sweat - You have to eat to get lean. Digesting food and absorbing and storing nutrients requires energy. Severely restricting calories slow down your metabolic rate. Starving yourself will eventually cause your body to break down muscle tissue to satisfy energy needs, which further lowers calorie burning. By working out after a meal or substantial snack you will boost your calorie burning.

  3. And eat again - Divide you daily calorie intake into 3 meals and 2 snacks. Research suggest that those who eat more frequently throughout the day are leaner than those who eat meals at irregular times.

  4. Pack in the protein - Protein keeps you full longer. The body uses more calories to digest protein than it does breaking down carbs or fat. Lean, high-quality protein from foods such as lean meats, poultry, seafood, eggs, and dairy products also up levels of the amino acid leucine in your body, which is essential for maintaining muscle and burning calories. Here are some solutions for those who want a quick healthy source of protein, and those who want to increase their leucine levels for even faster break down of fat.

  5. Consider Caffeine - A Harvard study of more than 19,000 participants found that those who consumed 200mg of caffeine on a daily basis were less likely to gain weight than those who did not. Caffeine helps stimulate fat use, especially during exercise. My favorite source of caffeine is also packed full of vitamins and choline for good mental focus, great for before starting a workout!

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  1. Hi Susie!

    Loved the post and the title! Having it written this way makes boosting my metabolism look super simple! Great work!

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