Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rev Up Your Weight Loss With Filling Foods

Rev up your weight loss with filling foods.

Do you know which foods to eat that will keep you feeling full linger and help fight hunger?

That gnawing hunger when you're trying to eat less and lose weight, a dieter's worst enemy.

But fighting off that hunger could be as easy as walking to the nearest soup and salad bar for lunch. Here's some ways to make food choices that will help you feel full and prevent the hunger pangs that tend to lead us astray:

  • Get enough lean protein. Protein is the number one thing to help you feel full longer. Be sure you chose lean protein, like turkey, chicken, or fish. Make sure it has been baked, broiled, or grilled, not fried.

  • Eat a "rainbow" of fruits and vegetables. It's really easy this time of the year to get fresh fruits and produce. Fruits and vegetables are also high in fiber which also helps give you that full feeling and promotes good intestinal health as well. Visit your local farmer's market and enjoy the "rainbow"!

  • Sip Soup. By adding two low-calorie soups to your diet daily you'll stave off hunger pangs and feel satisfied longer. Choose soups that are broth-based, no cream-based soups, this helps reduce calories. Soups with vegetables, either chuncked or pureed have been shown to have the most lasting full feeling. Eat your soup before your main course to help reduce your regular food intake by an average of about 20%.

  • Eat whole grains. Whole grain sticks with you longer than refined grains, making you feel full longer, plus it helps add fiber to your diet.

  • Pick "airy" snacks. If you don't always have fruits or vegetables on hand for a snack, choose a snack food that has more air in it - think cheese puffs instead of potato chips, rice cakes instead of cookies. You will feel just as full as if you would with the same size serving of another snack, but with far less calories.

Eating on a smaller sized plate will also make you feel like you are getting just as much food without feeling deprived of anything because you are still eating a full plate of food.

Blessings for a Glorious Day!

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