Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cravings Be Gone!

Cravings be gone!

How do you cope with your cravings? You know, those urges that tell you to eat certain foods? Did you know that craving and urges are normal and to be expected? They are not signs of failure. They instead provide you with an opportunity to learn what your triggers are.

Cravings are like a wave in the ocean. Just like a wave, your cravings are strongest at the peak, and start fading like the wave when it recedes. Instead of giving in to the craving right away, give it some time and it will pass. Stay busy/distracted for a few minutes by reading, writing in your journal, deep breathing, taking a walk, positive affirmations (thoughts) "I am in control, I can wait it out." After a few minutes check in with yourself, try to look back at what was going on at the time the craving started. Can you identify it? Was it a feeling, situation, person, event, or do you need to maybe look at adding more food to your meal or snacks? We all know that stressful situations can trigger "stress eating", but sometimes it is a matter of not having enough to eat at a meal, especially protein, or skipping your healthy snack. Trying to stick to the idea of eating several smaller meals a day usually helps to lessen cravings. This of course, usually means planning ahead in regards to healthy food choices. One such solution for a healthy snack that helps with chocolate cravings as well is my favorite snack bar, it has 11 grams of protein, great taste, and only 140 calories!

Remember that most of the time a craving is your bodies way of telling something such as, it doesn't a situation, person, or simply it is time to eat - so pay attention to your body and listen to what it is telling you.

Blessings for a Glorious Day!


  1. I normally wait out my cravings, too. I start off with some water but if it's something sweet I'm craving, yogurt with granola always satisfies my it.

    Another awesome post!

    Many Blessings....
    Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve

  2. Thanks Roxanne,
    Your right, water is a great way to help fight cravings. The suggestion of yogurt and granola is good also, for those wanting to lose weight, just make sure to watch the sugar and fat content in both to help keep calories down.

    Have a Blessed weekend,