Thursday, July 9, 2009

Peaches & Carrot Smoothie

Peaches & Carrot Smoothie

This smoothie delivers AMAZING flavor along with a serving of vegetables. You will be shocked at how great it taste!

Serves 1


1 1/4 cup Carrot Juice (most grocery stores carry pure carrot juice)

1 cup of ice (more or less, depending on how thick you like it)

1 serving of AdvoCare Muscle Gain Shake (1 pouch or 2 scoops)

1/2 tbsp Flaxseed Oil


Blend until smooth (blender, magic bullet, hand mixer, ect.)

approx. 350 calories, 10g fiber, 30g carbohydrates, 25g protein, 7g fat

What a great way to start your day, or for a great treat anytime during the day, enjoy!

Blessings for a Glorious Day!


  1. Hi Susie!

    Sounds DELICIOUS! Would have never thought to mix carrots and peaches together!

    Many Blessings....

    Roxanne and Hugo
    Believe Achieve

  2. Hi Roxanne,

    A friend of mine that is a registered dietician came up with this idea, it is really refreshing and delicious. I encourage you to try it.

    Look forward to hearing how you like it.

    Blessing for a terrific weekend,

    Healthy Informed Choices